Studio Sixty Billion is a production company specialising in comedy entertainment, online content and advertising.

We are a team that blends years of experience of making award winning, successful ad campaigns for major clients with a thoroughly modern grasp on content creation. Together we bring a unique blend of editorial, production and creative talent.

The team

Studio Sixty Billion Team

Sam Delaney


Sam Delaney is a writer, broadcaster and seasoned editorial chief who has helped launch and run some of the country’s best known entertainment brands.

He is the former editor in chief of Heat magazine, one of the world’s biggest magazine brands. During his time in charge of the title, it sold in excess of fifteen million copies per year. As editor in chief of Comedy Central UK, he built an online entertainment brand that swiftly became the UK’s number 1 comedy website. While there, he also commissioned Viacom’s biggest digital shows of all time. He has published two books about advertising: Get Smashed – The Story Of The Men That Made The Ads That Changed Our Lives and Mad Men And Bad Men – What Happened When British Politics Met Advertising. He is the regular drive time presenter on talkRADIO and hosts his own weekly show on RTUK – Sam Delaney’s News Thing.

Studio Sixty Billion Team

Dom Delaney

Managing Director

Dom Delaney has been at the forefront of British ad production for the last twenty years.

He was MD of Radical Media London for ten years, during which time they twice won production company of the year at Cannes. Along the way, he produced global campaigns for the likes of Coca Cola, Pepsi, Chanel and Nike. He later formed his own production company, Dab Hand Media, and cultivated the careers of some of the world’s top directing talent including Tarsem Singh and BAFTA award winner Joe Wright.

Studio Sixty Billion Team

Jay Pond-Jones

Creative Director

Jay Pond-Jones has created a career for himself that spans creative advertising and brand communications, a variety of media, and most recently, comedy entertainment television.

A creative director at BMB, HHCL, Mother and GGT, Jay’s best known brand work was always as much about ‘content’ as communication. Designing the FCUK logo and helping create a fashion brand, or putting limes in the necks of Sol bottles are now frequently quoted examples of brand ‘experiences’. His work in TV has included the anarchic comedy Flipside for Channel 4 and the record breaking KSI: Demolished for Comedy Central (which reached a global audience of over 8 million).

Never short of ideas and enthusiasm for brands, Jay continues to combine his position as an ad agency creative director, with his role as a writer, producer and director at Colour TV. He brings a singular vision of what can be achieved in advertising, combined with the real world experience of creating content at the highest and most competitive level.

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