We were founded by Sam Delaney as a hybrid TV production company, ad agency and production house.

We’re not an ad agency masquerading as a TV company. And we’re not a TV company pretending that we understand how to make ads. We’re a collection of experienced experts from both fields: award winning ad creatives; the very best TV producers; the best, most experienced ad production team in the UK. Plus, Eamonn Holmes OBE is one of our partners, which is excellent. He is great fun around the office.

We make everything from big expensive TV ads to fun, short form viral content, TV formats and all sorts of stuff in between.

Everything we do is designed to make noise, grab headlines, start social media trends and leave people wanting more…

Sam Delaney

Sam Delaney is a writer, broadcaster and seasoned editorial chief who has helped launch and run some of the country’s best known entertainment brands.

Dom Delaney

Dom Delaney has been at the forefront of British ad production for the last twenty years.

Jay Pond-Jones

Jay Pond-Jones has created a career for himself that spans creative advertising and brand communications, a variety of media, and most recently, comedy entertainment television.

Ben Rigden

Ben has more than 25 years experience in high-profile populist current affairs, factual and entertainment TV and has been Showrunner of some of the UK’s best-known programmes.

Eamonn Holmes OBE

Arguably the UK’s most experienced and accomplished live TV presenter, Eamonn was recently honoured by the Queen for his services to broadcasting. Credible, versatile, and funny, Eamonn brings 38 years of broadcasting expertise.