We were formed in 2015. Our mission was to merge first class skills in entertainment, editorial, production and brand advertising.

By bringing together a unique blend of experience across all these fields we are able to make great content for anyone who wants to create a more emotional connection with their audience.

Sam Delaney

Sam Delaney is a writer, broadcaster and seasoned editorial chief who has helped launch and run some of the country’s best known entertainment brands.

Dom Delaney

Dom Delaney has been at the forefront of British ad production for the last twenty years.

Jay Pond-Jones

Jay Pond-Jones has created a career for himself that spans creative advertising and brand communications, a variety of media, and most recently, comedy entertainment television.

Eamonn Holmes OBE

Arguably the UK’s most experienced and accomplished live TV presenter, Eamonn was recently honoured by the Queen for his services to broadcasting. Credible, versatile, and funny, Eamonn brings 38 years of broadcasting expertise.