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George Messa

Working between fiction and documentary, story is always at the centre of George Messa’s work. Bringing the story to life either through close work with actors to bring out subtle yet genuine performances, or building a good relationship with the documentary subject.

George is a people person, be it a celebrity or CEO, client or runner; working closely with these people and building a lasting relationship is paramount to George’s approach to each and every project. As a self shooter George has shot content all over Europe for Jaguar, P&G, Land Rover and Bear’s Den. George’s latest short film, Lucy, a submission into the industry Straight8 competition, was awarded second place at Cannes Lions 2016. George will be working with Studio Sixty Billion on-going on advertising and commercial projects and online content and virals.

For showreel or other enquiries, contact Dom Delaney at dom@studiosixtybillion.com