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Good Boy Wolf

Good Boy Wolf are the dynamic directing duo. Based in London, they have been creating content across many platforms for nearly 5 years. Together they have created over 60 films, from music videos to branded content, commercials and not forgetting their critically acclaimed documentary ‘Missing’.

In their time together they have pushed the boundaries of film to create a level of storytelling that is not only true and powerful but steers an audience to be captivated and inspired. The experience of their craft has now led them to creating a handsome blend of engaging content with powerful, thought provoking imagery.

One half began his career as an Art Director for Ogilvy creating above the line commercials for Ford, Hellmans, Castrol and Chiquita. He then became an art director and ideas man at one of the biggest healthcare agencies in London, working on projects for Roche and GSK.

Looking for a new adventure, he left the advertising world to pursue his love for photography. 10 years later and he has had great success, being published by LBB and the national press for his independent project ‘Secrets’ and shooting well-known public figures including the fastest man on earth – Usain Bolt. He is also named in the top 200 photographers in the world.

Achieving many of his goals as a photographer, he soon looked into film to fulfil his creative thirst. It was here when he and the other one first met. The second half began his career in front of the camera as an actor. The spike of his career was in 2009 when he was asked to star in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The experience of being on a film set of that scale inspired him to create his own films. Unsatisfied by the life of an actor, he focused his creativity into filming and editing. From here he became a fully independent cinematographer and editor working with a wide range clients on music videos, commercials and feature films in the U.K. and abroad.

For showreel or other enquiries, contact Dom Delaney at dom@studiosixtybillion.com