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Rory Mckellar

Rory Mckellar is an award winning film director based in London. With over 18 years of professional experience, post graduating from University of Westminster film school, Rory has spearheaded campaigns directing for the likes of Range Rover, Sony, Pepsi, as well as artists Polina, Say Lou Lou and Pixie Lott. And from blockbuster US reality shows to self shooting lo-fi cutting edge online content he says his soul objective is β€œto produce the most aesthetically engaging and telling imagery one can.”

He has a strong factual background working on documentaries for the BBC , Channel 4, and Discovery and his work has taken him to over 50 countries including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Taiwan, China, the entirety of Eastern Europe, most of Africa and in the Americas extensively from Canada to central America. From the outset, Rory has been interested in revealing the raw truth that connects global audiences through universal storytelling – focused on illustrating characters and themes with honesty, truth and always a discerning eye.

For showreel or other enquiries, contact Dom Delaney at dom@studiosixtybillion.com